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8541 by Heroes of the Farm

The Deanz Greenz team prides ourselves on presenting top shelf flower selections from a series of growers and premium producers. One of the hot listers from the Heroes of the Farm family that’s becoming a trademark strain among consumers is 8541.  8541 is a considerably tasty indica-dominant strain with a genetic background from the well-known […]

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Orange Ghost by Cloud Cover Cannabis

Cloud Cover’s seasonal selection of premier cultivars features new arrivals Sour Tangie, Flo, Orange Ghost, Valley Girl, and Chem de La Chem along with the award-winning Presidential Kush. Cloud Cover is outfitted with a group of esteemed experts specializing in a modernized approach to cultivation and a methodical focus on exclusively curated strains, each with […]

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DBLC Budder Wax by Stash Concentrates Review

Stash Concentrates DBLC Budder Wax is produced when the extracted cannabinoids start to crystallize after being agitated during the extraction process. By strategically whipping the concentrate material during the purging process the concentrate transforms from a shatter-like substance into a beautiful, fluffy Budder Wax that’s perfect for dabbing. DBLC, also known as Death By Lemon […]

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Blueberry Cheesecake by Sugarbud Review

Blueberry Cheesecake from Sugarbud is one of many admired strains that’s carefully cultivated to deliver a distinguished flavor-forward profile and well balanced hybrid effects. With a strong genetic backbone, Blueberry Cheesecake is a blend of Blueberry and an unknown Cheese strain exclusive to Sugarbud. Easily recognized for the  distinctive fresh berry smell, Blueberry Cheesecake from […]

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The Mountain Snap N Pull by Stash Concentrates Review

Stash Concentrates is a lifestyle cannabis company and one of Oregon’s leading marijuana extraction enterprises. Stash specializes in the production of high quality cannabis based products available for both Oregon medical and recreational consumers. Stash is more than a group of cannabis enthusiasts and aficionados devoted to enhancing the cannabis experience. By staying committed to […]

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Purple Punch by Trellis Farms Review

Trellis Farms is an OLCC licensed recreational cannabis producer based in Southern Oregon. Utilizing completely natural processes and eco-friendly water techniques, Trellis Farms produces pesticide free strains that give cannabis users an amplified amount of cannabis related effects and a refined cannabis experience. Every strain curated by Trellis Farms is a model for top shelf […]

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Pineapple Express Rosin by The Grasse Company Review

The Grasse Company is an Oregon Recreational Processor that handcrafts cannabis natural concentrates from the finest flower in the state. With an extraordinary line of full spectrum solventless strain specified rosin, Grasse’s extraction processes are heavily influenced by the world’s perfume capital Grasse, France. Grasse’s rosin concentrates are made from the highest quality strains in […]

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Truly Medley Premium Prerolls by Truly Oreganic Review

Truly Oreganic is an award-winning cultivator producing ethereal organic cannabis in Oregon since 2016. At Truly Oreganic every strain is grown utilizing all organic systems and all natural ingredients. Truly Oreganic’s environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods provide Oregon consumers with better tasting flower and a cleaner, healthier cannabis experience. The Truly Medley Premium Prerolls […]

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