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Blue Shark Strain Review – By Tokyo Starfish

If you’re anything like us, for your recreational cannabis consumption needs, you tend to stay away from high CBD strains. Federal restrictions have meant that the interaction between CBD and THC in smoked marijuana is highly unclear. Some studies suggest that it may be a necessary potentiating agent in the THC absorption process while others […]

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Purple Hindu Kush Strain Review

As winter slowly creeps in with our Portland December, we’ve found ourselves spending a lot of time sitting in front of a lit fireplace on late Sunday mornings, looking out upon the endless iterations of green and grey. When we find ourself in this position – coffee or cocoa in hand, blanket on knee – […]

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Grape Gum Strain Review

Regular readers might recall that yesterday, we were just about to finish a purchase when the beautiful buds of Pink 92 caught our eye. That purchase was a gram of the Grape Gum strain, which appealed to an entirely different sense than the visually stunning Pink 92. Grape Gum captured our noses with a sweet […]

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Pink 92 Strain Review

One of the benefits of working at the Daily Leaf is being right around the corner from Serra’s downtown location. It’s not our go-to for bulk purchases, but when we’re looking for a gram of variety, we like to pop in to what might be Portland’s most beautiful dispensary. Today, we had almost finished our […]

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Purple Wreck Strain Review

Your Daily Leaf reviewer has recently returned home to Portland after fifteen years in other states and countries. Seeing his hometown with the eyes of a newcomer, he is unusually susceptible to some of Portland’s weirder charms. Leaving our downtown office yesterday evening, he saw a young couple on the sidewalk with a sign reading […]

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Pineapple Chunk Strain Review by LTRMN

Our primary purpose, when it comes to marijuana, is not visual. But when it comes to a strain like this, sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the visual experience of a stunning flower for a moment before you sit down, crush it up, and light it on fire. This Pineapple Chunk Strain, […]

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Holy Grail Strain Review

Your trusty Daily Leaf correspondent usually isn’t partial to buds with an overpowering fuel odor. This time, however, an exceptionally enthusiastic budtender at the criminally underrated but out-of-the way dispensary, Progressive Collective, convinced us that Green Lightning’s Holy Grail strain was some of the best product to hit their shelves. We weren’t disappointed. The beds […]

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