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CannaMojo is the First THC-Infused Male Enhancement Capsule

CannaMojo, the world’s first THC-infused male enhancement capsule, is now available at select recreational dispensaries throughout Colorado. By merging THC with natural aphrodisiacs, Revered, Inc. has created the first product in the marijuana industry to target a male audience. This revolutionary cannabis product comes in capsule form and blends 10 MGs of distilled THC with an […]

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Research Suggests Cannabis Users Have More Sex

Does using cannabis lead to more sex? Many people who smoke, eat, or otherwise consume the plant will tell you: yes, absolutely. But now there’s some research that seemingly supports Cannabis Users Have More Sex. Using data from 28,156 women and 22,943 men taken from the National Survey of Family Growth, researchers Andrew J. Sun and Michael L. Eisenberg, […]

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