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Weed 101: Trichomes

In our ongoing Weed 101 informational pieces for the novice smoker, today we take a look at trichomes. Despite the celebration of the cannabis plant’s green leaves and buds, it is actually the nearly invisible sugary crystalline trichomes that provide all medical or recreational value. Whether considering the recreational or medical benefits of cannabis, therapeutic […]

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Cannabis Edibles and Microdosing

With the cannabis industry booming, more and more people are just beginning to understand the many various means of consumption and how each will affect them. Cannabis edibles are only growing in popularity, and they have come a long way from baking shake brownies in the kitchen. Dispensaries offer so many types of cannabis edible, […]

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The Weed In Review

It’s the end of the week, which means it must be time for The Daily Leaf’s weekly marijuana news roundup. We scour the headlines for the important and bizarre happenings in the cannabis world each week and deliver some choice tidbits to you. Local Law Enforcement May Refuse To Enforce Federal Marijuana Laws With speculation […]

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Evidence Suggests CBD Treats Anxiety Effectively

Recent reviews of studies in humans and animals suggest that CBD treats anxiety with some effectiveness. Quality research is limited, but the evidence available suggests that the substance, also known as cannabidiol, helps reduce the fear response in mammals. Though we’re happy to see this backed up by data, the value of CBD in treating […]

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The Best in Marijuana Science in 2017

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine has recently released a meta-review of the scientific literature available on the health impacts of marijuana. The study is notable for two very different reasons. The first is its scale. The researchers reviewed abstracts of over 10,000 studies to form more than 100 conclusions, drawing on the […]

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