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New Hampshire’s Weed Legalization Hits Road Block

The road to legalization is closed for now, after a committee is holding off action on a bill to legalize recreational cannabis in New Hampshire. The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted unanimously to hold it in committee. The recommendation means it is unlikely a legalization effort will move forward in the Legislature this year. The […]

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Reduced Opioid Deaths In Colorado Is Related to Cannabis Legalization Study Finds

According to new research published in the American Journal of Public Health, Colorado’s legalization of recreational cannabis has lead to reduced opioid deaths. The researchers came to these conclusions after studying data spanning from 2000 to 2015, looking at opioid deaths in the state before and after adult use of cannabis was legalized. Though the researchers stress that […]

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San Francisco Recreational Marijuana Permits Delayed

San Francisco Recreational Marijuana – Not the only municipality to be dragging their feet, San Francisco will be another city delaying recreational permits when recreational cannabis becomes legal in California in January 2018. Though it’ll be a buzz-kill for some, it’s actually for good reason: San Francisco is delaying so they can pass a few laws […]

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Despite Industry Concerns, Los Angeles Dispensaries Move Forward With New Regulations

With state legalization of recreational cannabis looming, Los Angeles has revealed new proposed rules for regulation of the industry in the city, despite concerns for potential closures and layoffs due to possible delays in licensing and regulatory hurdles. “I realize that that’s a flaw and we’re going to try to deal with it,” said City Council President […]

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Massachusetts Governor Signs Marijuana Bill, But He Is Unhappy About It

Legal recreational marijuana is now, officially, finally, law in Massachusetts. But not without some hand-wringing from their Republican Governor, Charlie Baker. After significant delays and some changes made to the law legalizing recreational cannabis in order to compromise differences between the State House and Senate. The new law raises taxes on recreational weed from a […]

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Planning On A Trip To Vegas? This Is What You Need To Know About Las Vegas Recreational Marijuana

Las Vegas Recreational Marijuana Despite Nevada’s ongoing struggles to keep up with demand due to regulatory complications, dispensaries still have product that any adult 21 and over can purchase legally. If you’re planning a visit, here’s what you need to know about Las Vegas Recreational Marijuana. Anyone who is aged 21 and older with a […]

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Massachusetts Legalizes Marijuana, Finally…

Massachusetts Legalizes Marijuana Finally, the Massachusetts State House and Senate were able to find a compromise on recreational weed in the state, but not without critique. Massachusetts voters voted successfully for recreational weed back in November. However, disagreements between the House and Senate held up the law, resulting six-member conference committee deliberating for months about […]

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