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Infused Nº 5 Preroll by Grasse and Bull Run Craft

The Infused Nº 5 Preroll has finally hit select shelves and menus throughout the Portland cannabis market and truly showcases how valuable partnerships and collaborations can be within the cannabis industry. Grasse and Bull Run Craft Cannabis present to you a handcrafted connoisseur style joint that isn’t just infused with Grasse’s flawless world class golden […]

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Seattle Marijuana Retailer Rolled 12,000 Marijuana Joints For Super Bowl

Newsweek and The Huffington Post reported earlier last week that the Seattle-based marijuana retailer, Solstice, is got prepped and ready early for this year’s Super Bowl by rolling 12,000 joints! Any guesses on what they called their special promotion pack? Yeah you guessed right, as a homage to the Seahawks (the defending Super Bowl champs […]

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