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Has The Covid Weed Boom Gone Bust?

After posting record sales in somewhat of a weed boom in early March, cannabis sales have now slowed way down. We explore two main theories behind the fall. For those who have had their eyes on the Daily Leaf lately, you’ll know that many dispensaries have been reporting record sales going into coronavirus sheltering. We […]

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Oregon Recreational Marijuana Sales Bring in $160 million

Oregon recreational marijuana sales and Oregon marijuana dispensaries have now sold more than $160 million worth of recreational marijuana and marijuana-infused products in the first nine months of the 2016, according to the sales tax figures released Monday by the state Department of Revenue. Oregon received $40.2 million in marijuana tax payments through the end of September, virtually double […]

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Oregon Edible sales may start early

Katu.com reported early yesterday morning that Oregon marijuana dispensaries could start marijuana edibles sales earlier than expected. Right now medical marijuana patients are only permitted to purchase edibles in retail shops. As it stands, recreational customers are only able to purchase flower and clones from Oregon dispensaries. Dispensary owners are weighing in on the matter. […]

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