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New OLCC Regulations Regarding Transfer for Testing

OLCC Regulations Regarding Transfers – The Oregon Liquor Control Commision has released new guidelines for how producers/processors can legally transfer product to be tested for cups, etc. Bulletin CE2017-16 covers the following issues: Competitions and Promotional Events Competitions and Promotional Events The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has been receiving an increase in questions regarding how […]

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Two Marijuana Dispensaries Now Licensed to Sell Recreational Marijuana

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has said that two marijuana dispensaries in Bend have been approved and acquired their licenses to sell retail recreational marijuana, the first in the city to do so, according to MyCentralOregon.com. These licenses will allow the marijuana dispensaries to sell a larger amount of marijuana products to retail consumers than they were previously; […]

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Oregon Retail Marijuana Customers have New Purchasing Limits

Since last October, Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries have been allowed to sell limited amounts of their marijuana products to retail marijuana customers during the temporary program. Now that dispensaries are starting to receive licenses for recreational sales, retail marijuana customers have the ability to buy more marijuana per day, and a wider variety of products. Hood […]

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Licensed Oregon Recreational Marijuana Shops Now Open

The OLCC approved licenses for 26 recreational marijuana shops on Sept. 30, as well as modified rules regarding state licensee testing requirements and labeling and packaging restrictions. Approved marijuana shops were finally able to open their doors for business and sell recreational marijuana Oct. 1 according to Cannabis Business Times. The OLCC established temporary changes to lab testing rules […]

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Upcoming rule changes and what to expect on October 1st

Coming up on October 1st, 2016 there will be many upcoming rule changes when the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) compliance deadline for transferring, labeling, concentration limits, packaging and testing of marijuana, and marijuana products comes into play. The October 1st compliance date will apply to all Oregon registered dispensaries, processors, and growers, patients or […]

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Marijuana Worker Permit application launched

The Bend Bulletin and the Chief News reports that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has begun a Marijuana Worker Permit application system for people working within Oregon’s recreational marijuana industry. OLCC Recreational Marijuana Licensees and anyone employed in the recreational marijuana industry, including seasonal workers, are required by law to have the permit. If you are seeking […]

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