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New OLCC Regulations Regarding Transfer for Testing

OLCC Regulations Regarding Transfers – The Oregon Liquor Control Commision has released new guidelines for how producers/processors can legally transfer product to be tested for cups, etc. Bulletin CE2017-16 covers the following issues: Competitions and Promotional Events Competitions and Promotional Events The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has been receiving an increase in questions regarding how […]

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Oregon Retail Marijuana Customers have New Purchasing Limits

Since last October, Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries have been allowed to sell limited amounts of their marijuana products to retail marijuana customers during the temporary program. Now that dispensaries are starting to receive licenses for recreational sales, retail marijuana customers have the ability to buy more marijuana per day, and a wider variety of products. Hood […]

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Upcoming rule changes and what to expect on October 1st

Coming up on October 1st, 2016 there will be many upcoming rule changes when the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) compliance deadline for transferring, labeling, concentration limits, packaging and testing of marijuana, and marijuana products comes into play. The October 1st compliance date will apply to all Oregon registered dispensaries, processors, and growers, patients or […]

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Oregon Marijuana Retail Sales of Edibles, Topicals and Extracts to Start on June 2

Yesterday afternoon, Gov. Kate Brown issued an informational bulletin and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) released the draft temporary rules for early marijuana retail sales in Oregon. Starting June 2, OHA licensed medical dispensaries will be allowed to sell edibles, topicals and extracts to recreational customers in modified quantities. For the complete OHA summary of […]

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The Oregonian sits down with Harborside’s Steve DeAngelo about decision to leave Oregon marijuana market

Harborside Health Center opened its first Oregon dispensary near Portland International Airport on October 1st. It’s the nation’s biggest model cannabis dispensary, with locations in Oakland and San Jose. With their proven track record, it may come to a surprise to some that their newest Oregon location “was not as well recognized by Oregon consumers,” according to […]

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A basic breakdown of the Oregon marijuana market

Here is a basic breakdown of the current Oregon marijuana market via an article published by Noelle Crombie of The Oregonian: 418 medical marijuana dispensaries are registered throughout the state, 167 of them being Portland based dispensaries. Due to rule violations, 3 dispensaries are facing state “enforcement action” since recreational marijuana sales began in October. […]

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