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Farm Bill Contains Boost for Oregon Hemp Farmers

A massive federal farming and agriculture bill that’s nearing final approval could provide additional funding for Oregon Hemp farmers and thinning efforts in Central Oregon’s most famous forest, while providing a boost to the region’s burgeoning hemp industry. On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate voted 87-13 to approve a sweeping 800-page, $867 billion farm bill that […]

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Trellis Farms Goji OG Review

Trellis Farms is an OLCC licensed recreational cannabis producer based in Southern Oregon. With a freshly harvested sun grown selection of exclusive strains, Trellis Farms maintains their successful pursuit of providing clean and potent medicine for both medical and recreational users. By being selective with the seeds they choose to cultivate and harvest, Trellis Farms […]

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Cherry Pie Strain Review- Portland Organics

Colorful Cherry Pie by Portland Organics Cherry pie perfectly exemplifies modern cannabis This flower has all of the typical characteristics we look for in a strain review. Aroma, effect, aesthetics- all turned up to eleven. Sticky sweet with a fruity nose and spicy accents make this a favorite amongst strain chasers. Though likely a headache […]

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Oregon Recreational Marijuana Sales Bring in $160 million

Oregon recreational marijuana sales and Oregon marijuana dispensaries have now sold more than $160 million worth of recreational marijuana and marijuana-infused products in the first nine months of the 2016, according to the sales tax figures released Monday by the state Department of Revenue. Oregon received $40.2 million in marijuana tax payments through the end of September, virtually double […]

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