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World Famous Cannabis Cafe to Officially close doors

Yesterday an article published by Noelle Crombie of the Oregonian confirmed that Madeline Martinez’ World Famous Cannabis Cafe will be closing its doors Saturday. After receiving another warning from an impromptu visit from a Multnomah County tobacco program specialist. Erik Vidstrand noted that ashtrays and marijuana residue from smoked joints is not permitted in the […]

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Lawmakers considering new changes for Oregon marijuana laws

Wednesday afternoon State lawmakers gathered together to examined “legislative concepts” that would change Oregon’s marijuana laws. Updates were made concerning the overall progression of legal marijuana programs by representatives from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and Oregon Health Authority. One legislative concept, LC 145, makes what one legislative lawyer called “technical fixes.” If LC 145 […]

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OLCC Gets 142 MJ Business License Apps On Monday

In a Weed Blog post published on Wednesday reports that the OLCC began the acceptance process for recreational marijuana business applications on Monday. Supposedly, things started off pretty choppy because of all the inclement weather in near the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) headquarters located in the Willamette Valley area. Because offices we closed Monday […]

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