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Oregon SunGrown Growers Guild speaks on OHA Site Inpections

In an great effort to keep the local and Oregon cannabis community further informed and eliminate potential rumors, The Oregon SunGrown Growers Guild has provided the following information based-on two Board member’s recent inspections from the Oregon Health Authority. The Oregon SunGrown Growers Guild made it clear in that this information “is in no way […]

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Upcoming rule changes and what to expect on October 1st

Coming up on October 1st, 2016 there will be many upcoming rule changes when the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) compliance deadline for transferring, labeling, concentration limits, packaging and testing of marijuana, and marijuana products comes into play. The October 1st compliance date will apply to all Oregon registered dispensaries, processors, and growers, patients or […]

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OLCC Recreational Marijuana Packaging And Labeling Update – Video – 9.2.16

New packaging and labeling rules will be enforced starting October 1st, 2016. What does that mean for product sitting on dispensary shelves right now? Jamie Dickinson, OLCC Department Head, is extremely concerned that there have been only 43 packages and 20 labels approved for the marketplace come a month from now. Thankfully, this past Friday, The Oregon […]

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OMMP Releases Mandatory Medical Marijuana Products Reporting System

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) will be offering an overview of its new online reporting system pertaining to medical marijuana products. According to articles published by The Oregon Cannabis Connection and Salem-News.com, The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) at the Oregon Health Authority has prepared and scheduled a series of public meetings across the state […]

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OHA’s expanded early sales program reminders

This is just a little reminder for anyone needing clarification on the OHA’s expanded early sales program, via the Oregon Cannabis Association. As some of you may know, the Oregon Health Authority has officially released an informational bulletin announcing that early sales of some extracts (pre-filled receptacles containing no more than 1000 mg THC), edibles (15mg THC) […]

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The Denver Consulting Group to offer new Marijuana Industry Training Classes in Oregon and Colorado

As the nation‘s leading cannabis industry consultancy, Denver Consulting Group, revealed a new Marijuana Industry Training Schedule, with some classes expected to start April 28, 2016. The Marijuana Industry Orientation course is set to outline the fundamental components in cannabis, including cultivation, processing and dispensing. A focal point of the course will be dedicated to […]

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OHA releases official regulations on low-potency limits on edibles, extracts, concentrates, topicals and oils

Confirmed by The Oregon Cannabis Association late yesterday evening; The Oregon Health Authority has formally announced its advised permanent rules regulating dosage, serving, and package limitations for edibles, extracts, concentrates, oils and topical products. Even with persistent, near-unanimous feedback on the draft rules from the Oregon Cannabis Association and others in the cannabis business community, the OHA has […]

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No 420 raffles or giveaways for Oregon dispensaries

Noelle Crombie of The Oregonian confirmed the reminder announced by The Oregon Health Authority Monday morning: Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries are not permitted to sponsor raffles or any kind of contests that incorporate free marijuana as an award. The OHA publication was officially broadcasted at the beginning of the week of 4/20, which is nationally known as a marijuana holiday […]

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