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European Parliament Approves Medical Cannabis Resolution

The European Parliament voted to advance a resolution in February, calling on its 28 member states to address barriers to medical marijuana studies, identify research priorities and improve access to cannabis-based medicines. The non-binding resolution passed with a show of hands, signaling strong support in the deliberative assembly. While the measure’s passage won’t change international […]

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New Virginia Law Protects Students Using CBD

After a unanimous decision by Senate, students who use cannabidiol oil will be protected by legislation. As cited by WTKR News SB 1632, sponsored by Sen. Glen Sturtevant, R-Richmond, mandates that local school boards are to enforce policies that safeguard students from facing suspension or expulsion if they have “valid written certification” to use CBD […]

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Government Requests Studies on Cannabis Benefits for Alzheimer’s

The federal government wants the public’s help tracking down studies on the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, and is specifically including scientific information about how medical cannabis can treat the cognitive condition in the list of resources it is seeking. While cannabis is not a Food and Drug Administration-approved treatment option for Alzheimer’s, the Agency […]

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CBD Legalized in Alabama

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has updated a public notice on the legal status of cannabidiol because of a provision in the farm bill that received final passage recently in Congress. The farm bill legalizes industrial hemp beyond pilot programs that Congress authorized in 2014. Marshall’s office said that means cannabidiol derived from hemp and containing no more than […]

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Study Shows Medical Cannabis Relieves Wide Range of Chronic Symptoms

Medical cannabis can provide relief from symptoms from dozens of health conditions with minimal negative side effects, according to new research. Two studies published recently in the journals Frontiers in Pharmacology and Medicine found that patients with health conditions such as chronic pain and insomnia saw “statistically and clinically significant therapeutic benefits” when they used medical cannabis, according to a press […]

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Ohio Approves First Dispensary

Recently, Ohio regulators issued the state’s first certificate of operation for a medical cannabis dispensary, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer. The first dispensary, which will be run by Cresco Labs, will open in Wintersville, about 240 miles northeast from Cincinnati. Cresco Labs is the first of 56 applicants to receive the final green light for […]

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