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Outdoor Marijuana Stand set up in East Vancouver

An outdoor marijuana stand has been set up in East Vancouver, just down the street from the annual Fright Nights attraction that’s been known to be a popular attraction for high schoolers. “We’re here, we’re high and we aren’t going away.” In just those nine simple words, marijuana enthusiast Bruce Myers explains why he suddenly took to the […]

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Market for Oregon Marijuana Edibles Flourishing

According to the Statesman Journal, manufacturers of  Oregon marijuana edibles are getting prepped and ready for extensive production to facilitate the high demand, after a boost in sales for recreational use. The Oregon Legislative Revenue office foresees an increase of 10 to 15 percent in accumulated taxes for June recreational sales, following the release of Oregon marijuana edibles to […]

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OHA’s expanded early sales program reminders

This is just a little reminder for anyone needing clarification on the OHA’s expanded early sales program, via the Oregon Cannabis Association. As some of you may know, the Oregon Health Authority has officially released an informational bulletin announcing that early sales of some extracts (pre-filled receptacles containing no more than 1000 mg THC), edibles (15mg THC) […]

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OHA releases official regulations on low-potency limits on edibles, extracts, concentrates, topicals and oils

Confirmed by The Oregon Cannabis Association late yesterday evening; The Oregon Health Authority has formally announced its advised permanent rules regulating dosage, serving, and package limitations for edibles, extracts, concentrates, oils and topical products. Even with persistent, near-unanimous feedback on the draft rules from the Oregon Cannabis Association and others in the cannabis business community, the OHA has […]

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A basic breakdown of the Oregon marijuana market

Here is a basic breakdown of the current Oregon marijuana market via an article published by Noelle Crombie of The Oregonian: 418 medical marijuana dispensaries are registered throughout the state, 167 of them being Portland based dispensaries. Due to rule violations, 3 dispensaries are facing state “enforcement action” since recreational marijuana sales began in October. […]

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