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Daily Marijuana Users May Cause Insomnia in some Users

Many of us daily marijuana users that consume in order to help with relaxation or sleep, may actually be doing the exact opposite, according to Boston University researchers who suggest in a new study. They argue that daily marijuana users may actually experience insomnia more so than those who don’t consume as often. While relaxation, potential drowsiness and physical inactivity […]

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Epilepsy Foundation Endorses Florida’s Medical Marijuana Initiative

Florida Politics announced that The Florida Epilepsy Foundation has decided to fully endorse proposed Amendment 2, Florida’s medical marijuana initiative on Florida’s Nov. 8 ballot. Karen Basha Egozi, chief executive officer of the organization, said Tuesday in a written statement, “Important medical decisions, such as treatments and medications, should be made by licensed physicians who know […]

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Outdoor Marijuana Stand set up in East Vancouver

An outdoor marijuana stand has been set up in East Vancouver, just down the street from the annual Fright Nights attraction that’s been known to be a popular attraction for high schoolers. “We’re here, we’re high and we aren’t going away.” In just those nine simple words, marijuana enthusiast Bruce Myers explains why he suddenly took to the […]

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Denmark Thinking about Loosening Up Stoned Driving Laws

While marijuana isn’t legal yet in Denmark, lawmakers are considering a bill that would reduce penalties for motorists convicted of stoned driving, according to Merry Jane. According to the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, Jan E Jorgensen of the Liberal Party has formally entered a piece of legislation focused on eradicating some of the more stern punishments and […]

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SNL Star Pete Davidson Says He Can’t Work Without Marijuana

The Interro Bang confirms that Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson told High Times magazine that he can’t work without marijuana. Davidson, during an interview with High Times reporter Danny Danko earlier this week spoke about his marijuana consumption on the evening of SNL’s 42nd season premiere. The 22 year old actor/comedian says that he was diagnosed […]

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Justin Bieber Speaks Up about Big Pharma Opposing Medical Marijuana

Justin Bieber is using his extensive social media following to speak up and out against Big Pharma and other corporate pharmaceutical companies who oppose medical marijuana. In a Twitter post Justin Bieber wrote on Sunday night: “This is important. A friend showed me this,” Bieber (or someone with access to his account) wrote. “I’m going to be talking more about […]

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