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New Virginia Law Protects Students Using CBD

After a unanimous decision by Senate, students who use cannabidiol oil will be protected by legislation. As cited by WTKR News SB 1632, sponsored by Sen. Glen Sturtevant, R-Richmond, mandates that local school boards are to enforce policies that safeguard students from facing suspension or expulsion if they have “valid written certification” to use CBD […]

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Scientists Say Vaporized Cannabis Gets You Much Higher

Scientists have proved that inhaling vaporized marijuana will get you, like, way higher than smoking the exact same amount of weed. The new research, led by scientists at the Johns Hopkins Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit in Baltimore, tested the effects of smoked versus vaped marijuana on 17 participants who had smoked marijuana before, though not in the 30 days before […]

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DBLC Budder Wax by Stash Concentrates Review

Stash Concentrates DBLC Budder Wax is produced when the extracted cannabinoids start to crystallize after being agitated during the extraction process. By strategically whipping the concentrate material during the purging process the concentrate transforms from a shatter-like substance into a beautiful, fluffy Budder Wax that’s perfect for dabbing. DBLC, also known as Death By Lemon […]

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Death Star Bubble Hash by Stash Concentrates Review

Stash Concentrates is a lifestyle cannabis company that values providing exemplary cannabis based products to the Oregon cannabis market for medical and recreational consumers. Stash is a collective of visionaries and connoisseurs dedicated to advancing the cannabis experience for all types and styles of consumers. Gaining an illustrious reputation for their fine cannabis concentrates, Stash […]

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Salted Caramels by Wana Review

Wana Brands crafts and produces artisan style edibles for Oregon medical and recreational cannabis consumers. With a tried and true career  in providing high quality cannabis-infused products to customers in the Oregon cannabis industry, Wana’s Hybrid Salted Caramels are an added bonus to the standout selection of edibles. Loaded with rich, gooey, buttery decadence and […]

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Culinary Cannabis Sugar by Mule Extracts Review

Mule Extracts is an family-owned and operated cannabis processing company with a devout foreknowledge and high intentions of to providing consumers with the genuine quality of their choice extracted cannabis and cannabis infused products. The Mule Extracts crew takes their passion for the artistry that the cannabis industry represents and has recreated and modernized the […]

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Pineapple Express Rosin by The Grasse Company Review

The Grasse Company is an Oregon Recreational Processor that handcrafts cannabis natural concentrates from the finest flower in the state. With an extraordinary line of full spectrum solventless strain specified rosin, Grasse’s extraction processes are heavily influenced by the world’s perfume capital Grasse, France. Grasse’s rosin concentrates are made from the highest quality strains in […]

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