Tag: marijuana and weight loss

Marijuana use linked to lower BMI

We all tend to get the “the munchies” from time to time as a side effect of smoking marijuana, but a new study claims that marijuana use can actually be linked to lower body fat and BMI, even though previous studies have shown an increase in appetite and weight gain. Researchers at the University of Miami have recently studied the connection between marijuana use and body […]

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What is THC-V and can it help with weight loss?

The ever-budding popularity of using marijuana as a dietary alternative has taken over social media and even self-proclaimed gym enthusiasts. While marijuana has had long-lived reputation for inducing munchies, there are particular strains that produce a cannabinoid that actually suppresses hunger. THC-V (or tetrahydrocannabivarin) is a psychoactive cannabinoid that helps to control and curb appetite and responsible for the euphoric […]

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