Tag: marijuana and menstrual cramps

Harvard is Studying “Weed Tampons” to Ease Menstruation

A new observational study by a Harvard professor will look at whether cannabis suppositories can help relieve menstrual symptoms. Foria is a California based startup that develops marijuana products for women including a marijuana suppository called ‘Relief’. Now Foria’s “weed tampon”, as it’s nicknamed, is part of a Harvard research study looking to determine the benefits […]

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Whoopi Goldberg joins the marijuana game and her aim is relieving pain

Whoopi Goldberg has just become the latest celebrity to break into the medical marijuana. On Tuesday via “The View”, she publicized that she’s launching a series of cannabis-infused products geared towards women. Her mission: menstrual cramps. MSNBC said that the Oscar winner and current co-host of “The View” will be teaming up with Om Edibles founder Maya Elisabeth to release a line of new […]

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