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THCV: Can Weed Help You Lose Weight?

If there’s one side effect of smoking marijuana that even your conservative great uncle from Wichita knows about, it’s probably the munchies. From countless Cheech and Chong gags to Half Baked’s munchie run that killed a horse, burning that fuego has long been associated with the indiscriminate consumption of whatever snack food is at hand. […]

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The Weed In Review

Every Friday – okay, okay, most Fridays – we at the Daily Leaf take a look at the major weed headlines of the past week. Sometimes, if they’re funny enough, we even look at the minor weed headlines. For those of you who don’t want to follow the marijuana news every day, this is your […]

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Marijuana use linked to lower BMI

We all tend to get the “the munchies” from time to time as a side effect of smoking marijuana, but a new study claims that marijuana use can actually be linked to lower body fat and BMI, even though previous studies have shown an increase in appetite and weight gain. Researchers at the University of Miami have recently studied the connection between marijuana use and body […]

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