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Traffic Fatalities Decrease After Medical Marijuana Introduced

Looking back at the 2014 Oregon State General Election Voter’s Pamphlet, one argument against marijuana legalization was advanced repeatedly. Sheriffs, educators, and anti-weed moralists all agreed that marijuana legalization would unleash stoned hoards of zombie drivers on the road, threatening the safety of Oregonians. And even for many of us who ardently support and end […]

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Denmark Thinking about Loosening Up Stoned Driving Laws

While marijuana isn’t legal yet in Denmark, lawmakers are considering a bill that would reduce penalties for motorists convicted of stoned driving, according to Merry Jane. According to the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, Jan E Jorgensen of the Liberal Party has formally entered a piece of legislation focused on eradicating some of the more stern punishments and […]

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Stanford engineers creates marijuana test for impaired drivers

As the voting season is nearing and more states are considering marijuana legalization for the use of marijuana on the November ballot, Stanford University engineers are attempting to resolve one continued concern: how law enforcement can keep impaired drivers off the road. Is there an accurate marijuana test to show the level of intoxication of impaired drivers? […]

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