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SNL Star Pete Davidson Says He Can’t Work Without Marijuana

The Interro Bang confirms that Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson told High Times magazine that he can’t work without marijuana. Davidson, during an interview with High Times reporter Danny Danko earlier this week spoke about his marijuana consumption on the evening of SNL’s 42nd season premiere. The 22 year old actor/comedian says that he was diagnosed […]

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Late country legend Merle Haggard set to have his own marijuana brand

The New York Post reports that the late country-music legend Merle Haggard — who’s infamous for his anti-hippie ballad “Okie from Muskogee” — will soon launch his own line of marijuana. Merle Haggard, whose 1969 tune threw a middle finger up to the country’s drug-fueled counter-culture, had plans to release a brand of high-grade marijuana before he died in April, The […]

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Willie’s Reserve comes to Colorado and Washington

Country music legend and long-time marijuana advocate, Willie Nelson, is deciding to put his money where his mouth (and joint) is by launching Willie’s Reserve, according to the LA Times. Nelson‘s long-awaited branded marijuana products will be released in August in both Colorado and Washington legal-weed shops. To properly launch the roll-out, he’ll perform concerts in each state. The Willie Nelson & […]

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Nick Jonas admits to eating marijuana lollipop on Jimmy Fallon

This is exactly why we encourage recreational users and medical patients alike to utilize the Try 5 rule before something like what happened to Nick Jonas happens to you. For celebrity Nick Jonas neglecting to start slow with dosage included some very public and uncomfortable effects. Several sources have confirmed that Nick Jonas admitted to Jimmy […]

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