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Medical Marijuana still helping NFL player suffering from brain trauma

Medical Daily’s Samantha Olsen released an article about how medical marijuana can help NFL players manage Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Pain and Even Slow Disease Progression. Part of the NFL player experience are injuries, both minor and severe. The after effects and the possible brain trauma that can occur over time even after retirement can result […]

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Jonhathan Newsome gets released from Colts for marijuana arrest

An article published on ESPN confirms that linebacker Jonathan Newsome has been release from the Indianapolis Colts following a marijuana possession arrest. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport first reported Newsome’s release. On the morning of Feb. 7th Newsome was arrested, taken into custody, and charged with two counts of marijuana possession. The Colts linebacker was […]

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Former Chicago Bear Jim McMahon says Marijuana got him off painkillers

Recently in the world of NFL, former Chicago Bear Jim McMahon is insisting that medical marijuana helped conquer and fully recover from his deep-rooted addiction to prescription painkillers. He used prescription medication to help with the chronic pain he experienced after years of getting major bumps and bruises during his extensive football career. Now at […]

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Will Patriot’s Chandler Jones face suspension for synthetic marijuana?

Defensive end of the New England Patriots, Chandler Jones, was hospitalized after showing up at the Foxborough police station looking for help after having a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. More details are starting to surface, courtesy of the Boston Globe, about what exactly took place at the police station. Reports include Jones running around […]

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