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Burmese Kush Strain Review – By Applegate Valley Organics

For regular readers of The Daily Leaf, our admiration of this Burmese Kush strain will come as no surprise. We’ve often sung the praises of those strains that emanate from the original home of marijuana, the mountainous region that stretches across Northern India, through Afghanistan and Pakistan, and east to Nepal and Burma. This is […]

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Godberry Strain Review

If you’re spent any time in Oregon, you’ve figured out that a whole lot of things are just little bit different here. One of the many ways in which we’re different is that we’ve got a higher proportion of atheists in our state than in any other state in the union. Another way that we’re […]

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Purple Wreck Strain Review

Your Daily Leaf reviewer has recently returned home to Portland after fifteen years in other states and countries. Seeing his hometown with the eyes of a newcomer, he is unusually susceptible to some of Portland’s weirder charms. Leaving our downtown office yesterday evening, he saw a young couple on the sidewalk with a sign reading […]

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Green Dragon Strain Review

There was a time, not that long ago, when we were grow snobs of a sort. We operated under the assumption that if it wasn’t grown indoors, we probably didn’t want to mess with it. But lately, we’ve been impressed by some top-notch outdoor grows that give you more bang from your buck than some […]

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