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Scott’s OG Strain Review

Sometimes, we walk into a store with one strain in mind and end up leaving with another altogether. This was the case with Scott’s OG. Yes, we love those OG genetics and often seek it out. But this time, we walked in with our eyes on some Cookies genetics and walked out with Scott’s OG […]

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Banana Kush Strain Review

Let me level with you for a moment. For your Daily Leaf correspondent, times have been a little tough lately, at least on the financial tip. While there’s no need to bore you with the details, the outcome has been that I’ve been keeping my eye out for deals lately. So while I’ve got my […]

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OG Cookie Dawg Strain Review

With Oregon unable to quite decide whether it’s time to move out of winter, our weekend hiking plans went out the window. Stuck inside and planning to give the house a solid cleaning, we were looking for a heavy hitter to power through the dust rags and dishes. We popped down to the dispensary to […]

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Brain Wreck Strain Review

It was 9:30 on a Saturday night when we realized that our weed jar was running low. Low on cash and running up against a 10pm dispensary closing time, we hurried down to Green Front and made a quick decision, grabbing the cheapest highgrade we could find. We ended up with a couple of grams […]

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Pineapple Chunk Strain Review by LTRMN

Our primary purpose, when it comes to marijuana, is not visual. But when it comes to a strain like this, sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the visual experience of a stunning flower for a moment before you sit down, crush it up, and light it on fire. This Pineapple Chunk Strain, […]

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Holy Grail Strain Review

Your trusty Daily Leaf correspondent usually isn’t partial to buds with an overpowering fuel odor. This time, however, an exceptionally enthusiastic budtender at the criminally underrated but out-of-the way dispensary, Progressive Collective, convinced us that Green Lightning’s Holy Grail strain was some of the best product to hit their shelves. We weren’t disappointed. The beds […]

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