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Red States Gear Up for Cannabis Legalization

The green wave is already making splashes in multiple red states this year, with cannabis legalization bills being introduced in at least six traditionally conservative states so far for 2019 sessions. On Wednesday, lawmakers in Kentucky and West Virginia put forward pieces of legalization legislation, the latest in a growing list of states where the […]

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CBD Only Legal for Epileptic Patients, Says Indiana AG

INDIANAPOLIS — A marijuana-derived oil that’s used as medicine for treating people with epilepsy is illegal in Indiana with one limited exception, the state’s attorney general said Tuesday in an advisory opinion. The opinion from Attorney General Curtis Hill states that substances containing cannabidiol, or CBD, are illegal to possess, make and sell in Indiana […]

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Indiana Has 60 Days to Remove CBD Products from Shelves

Stores in Indiana will have 60 days to either sell or pull products from their shelves, as Gov. Eric Holcomb is directing state excise police to resume checking stores for cannabidiol, or CBD, products after Attorney General Curtis Hill issued an opinion declaring them illegal. In a statement, Holcomb said excise police will “perform normal, periodic regulatory […]

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Surgeon General Wants to Study Marijuana

INDIANAPOLIS — U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said medical marijuana should be studied and treated like other pain relief drugs but said he could not favor legalizing its recreational use. “Under medical marijuana, I believe it should be like any other drug,” Adams said Friday in Indianapolis. “We need to let the FDA vet it, […]

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