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Sour Tangie by SKöRD Marijuana Review

Skord Marijuana a one of Washington State’s leading cultivator and processor based out of Battle Ground Washington. Prominent in the I-502 cannabis market for their flagship strain Nightmare Cookies, as well as an upscale line of flower and concentrates that include a range of in house phenotypes. Skord concentrates on growing quality, pesticide-free, hand-crafted cannabis […]

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THC Bomb by Blue Roots Review

Blue Roots Cannabis has been supplying top-shelf marijuana products to Washington’s recreational community since being founded back in 2014. Consistency maintaining excellence is the key when producing and processing cannabis based products. Blue Roots deliberately presents some of the highest quality hand selected cannabis flowers that bypass the standards of bag appeal. All of the […]

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Lemon Slushee by Fire Bros. Review

Fire Bros is a Seattle based cannabis cultivation company with an assortment of exotic strains in both flower and preroll form. Hand selecting their own rare phenotypes grown locally for the Washington State recreational market. All of the exclusive top shelf flower from Fire Bros have  unique lineages and terpene profiles, in addition to the […]

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Acapulco Gold by Pioneer Nuggets Review

Pioneer Nuggets is leading the game of growing artisan quality cannabis based out of Arlington, Washington. From the definitive forethought and objective of being cultivators of the finest cannabis possible. All Pioneer Nuggets selected cannabis genetics succeed in all departments. Pioneer Nuggets cultivates everything from classic landrace strains like the ever popular Acapulco Gold to […]

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Grape Ape by Artizen Review

The tier 3 farm Artizen isn’t just home to the 2016 Dope Cup winner Dutchberry, but has a strain collection that has a number of attention grabbers and high-profile strains available  across a Washington state. Artizen ranks high on the potency scale with modern strains like Gooberry, LA Confidential, and Galactic Glue and vintage strains […]

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Nightmare Cookies by SKöRD Marijuana Review

SKöRD is a Tier 2 cannabis producer/processor founded in 2015 cultivating craft cannabis out of Battle Ground, Washington. SKöRD’s 15 person team focuses on pheno-hunting and bringing exclusive premium flower and concentrate strains to the Washington recreational market. Their artisanal approach to the cultivation process leaves a lasting impression of high quality cannabis from the […]

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Glue #4 by Sunshine Farms Review

Sunshine Farms is an indoor cannabis producer located in Vancouver, Washington. Sunshine Farms is well known around the state for cultivating the stickiest most potent strains like Glue #4, Jack Wreck, Fat Purple, and many others. The most sought after strain from the Sunshine Farms compilation is Glue #4. is classified by its strong smell, […]

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