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Blueberry Cheesecake by Sugarbud Review

Blueberry Cheesecake from Sugarbud is one of many admired strains that’s carefully cultivated to deliver a distinguished flavor-forward profile and well balanced hybrid effects. With a strong genetic backbone, Blueberry Cheesecake is a blend of Blueberry and an unknown Cheese strain exclusive to Sugarbud. Easily recognized for the  distinctive fresh berry smell, Blueberry Cheesecake from […]

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Salted Caramels by Wana Review

Wana Brands crafts and produces artisan style edibles for Oregon medical and recreational cannabis consumers. With a tried and true career  in providing high quality cannabis-infused products to customers in the Oregon cannabis industry, Wana’s Hybrid Salted Caramels are an added bonus to the standout selection of edibles. Loaded with rich, gooey, buttery decadence and […]

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Truly Medley Premium Prerolls by Truly Oreganic Review

Truly Oreganic is an award-winning cultivator producing ethereal organic cannabis in Oregon since 2016. At Truly Oreganic every strain is grown utilizing all organic systems and all natural ingredients. Truly Oreganic’s environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods provide Oregon consumers with better tasting flower and a cleaner, healthier cannabis experience. The Truly Medley Premium Prerolls […]

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Gorilla Confidential by Sugarbud Review

Sugarbud is a licensed marijuana producer cultivating premier cannabis in Portland, Oregon. As an organization of exceptionally dedicated farmers, Sugarbud has an exclusionary line of strains comprised of their award winning Purple Punch, Sunset Sherbet, Scout’s Honor, and other elite strains. Each prestigious plant from Sugarbud offers an authentic experience for the recreational users and […]

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MAC 1 by Wicked Kind Review

Wicked Kind is a small batch craft cannabis producer known for cultivating exclusive boutique style cannabis strains for Oregon cannabis connoisseurs. With two wins at the 2018 Oregon Dope Cup for “Best Indoor Grown Hybrid” and “Most Potent THC Flower”, Wicked Kind is establishing prominence in the Oregon cannabis industry for their notable top shelf […]

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Grapefruit Durban by Cascadia Premium Cannabis- Review

Grapefruit Durban by Cascadia Premium Cannabis is bred from Grapefruit and Durban Poison strains — two popular sativas, thanks to the instant energy they bring. Grapefruit, bred from Cinderella 99 and an unknown auto-flowering sativa, is beloved for its heavy citrus, tropical aromas and relatively easy growing process. Although the tart, juicy and resinous flavor of […]

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Trellis Farms Goji OG Review

Trellis Farms is an OLCC licensed recreational cannabis producer based in Southern Oregon. With a freshly harvested sun grown selection of exclusive strains, Trellis Farms maintains their successful pursuit of providing clean and potent medicine for both medical and recreational users. By being selective with the seeds they choose to cultivate and harvest, Trellis Farms […]

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Pineapple Kush by Happy Bud Farms – Review

Happy Bud Farms is a smaller grower out of Eugene, Oregon, but their Pineapple Kush is big on taste and indica effects. Clocking in at 24% THC, this indica-dominant hybrid is a terrific balance, particularly for those seeking a more sedative effect. However, it isn’t so heavy that you will get couchlock. Unless you smoke […]

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