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BeWonderNugz by BeWonderful

BeWonderful Wellness Center is a boutique dispensary located in the Hollywood District of Portland. Designated as an herb lover’s paradise where consumers are guaranteed to score premium packs of gas, BeWonderful has been bringing the fire plus some remarkably flame strains for just under a year. With a dynamite team of professionals and as one […]

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Lime-Warp Strain Review

Lately, we’ve been finding some prices that feel too good be true; dank dank marijuana coming at us for bargain basement prices. Often, we’re anxious: it looks resinous and smells terpy, but if it costs so little, can it really be any good? But when we dig a little bit deeper, we often find that […]

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Cloud Strain Review

Generally speaking, we find that Portland budtenders are pretty good at giving us the genetic background of the marijuana we buy. Recently, however, we’ve stumbled across a delightful mystery. The Cloud strain has been popping up at many of our favorite dispensaries. None of the budtenders have been able to give us any information as […]

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