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Glue #4 by Sunshine Farms Review

Sunshine Farms is an indoor cannabis producer located in Vancouver, Washington. Sunshine Farms is well known around the state for cultivating the stickiest most potent strains like Glue #4, Jack Wreck, Fat Purple, and many others. The most sought after strain from the Sunshine Farms compilation is Glue #4. is classified by its strong smell, […]

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GG#4 by Lifestyle Farms Review

Let me tell you about GG#4 by Lifestyle Farms. This bud was so good I forgot to finish this review for a month or so. Lifestyle Farms is a Tier-2 indoor/outdoor recreational cannabis producer based in Portland Oregon, and they’ve crafted their own fantastic version of the classic Gorilla Glue #4, which is now called GG#4 […]

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