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Colorado Girl Suing AG To Legalize MMJ Nationally

A 12-year-old is coming up against AG Sessions and the federal government, demanding her right to access MMJ, and it looks on first glance like she has a good case. Alexis Bortell, the 12-year-old at the center of the case, has suffered epilepsy from a young age. Alexis grew up in Texas, where doctors had run […]

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No Veterans Equal Access Bill Means No Marijuana For Vets

The Veterans Equal Access Bill has been struck down by Congressional Republicans in theHouse Rules Committee, which prevented the bill from even coming to vote. The intention of the Veterans Equal Access Bill was to allow VA doctors to discuss and recommend medical marijuana to their veteran patients. Despite growing support both from Republican ranks […]

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New Bill Could Give AG Sessions Unilateral Authority To Write Federal Drug Policy

SITSA Federal Drug Policy – Primarily in response to a proliferation of synthetic analogs for fentanyl, policymakers have submitted a new federal bill that would re-think scheduling and allow new synthetic substances to be scheduled faster, without the long process currently required to schedule illicit substances. While this is definitely an issue–it is common for illicit […]

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