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Cannaray Offers First UK Cannabis Prescription for Toddler

Written by Sheena Beronio Cannaray, a UK-based medical cannabis company, announced that the first UK cannabis prescription was successfully administered on a toddler named Jorja Emerson, who is a three-year-old British girl with severe epilepsy. This success was made possible through Aphria Inc., one of the world’s leading cannabis companies and Cannaray’s partnership. Aphria has […]

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Cannabis-Based Medicine Approved

The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has finally approved a marijuana-based medication to treat two rare seizure conditions associated with developmental issues. The government agency gave the green light this week to an oral solution called Epidiolex to treat Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome in those ages 2 and up. The drug contains cannabidiol, or CBD, […]

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CBD-Based Pharma Drug Submitted To FDA For Approval

Will the FDA approve its first CBD-based drug? Epidiolex, a pharmaceutical made by UK-based company GW Pharmaceuticals plc (known as Greenwich Biosciences in the US), is a CBD-based drug that’s targeted specifically to patients who suffer seizures due to either Dravets syndrome or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. The New Drug Application for Epidiolex was just submitted to the […]

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