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Massachusetts Gets First Dispensary

An existing medical marijuana dispensary in Northampton — nestled in Massachusetts’ scenic Pioneer Valley — plans to open its doors within days to anyone 21 or older looking for products ranging from pre-rolled joints to cannabis-infused edibles, creams, lotions and cooking oils. A second store in the small town of Leicester could also open at […]

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Ohio Approves First Dispensary

Recently, Ohio regulators issued the state’s first certificate of operation for a medical cannabis dispensary, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer. The first dispensary, which will be run by Cresco Labs, will open in Wintersville, about 240 miles northeast from Cincinnati. Cresco Labs is the first of 56 applicants to receive the final green light for […]

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New York Liquor Store Owners Want to Sell Bud Too

The system in New York State for the sale of alcohol includes more than 2,000 liquor stores. Some of the owners joined together to suggest an alternative for cannabis sales to state officials recently. The group calls themselves The Last Store on Main Street. Their premise is that the stores already operate under a highly regulated and organized system. […]

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Drive-Thru Dispensary Open in Florida

Just a couple weeks ago, a Florida court ruled that the state’s ban on smokeable medical cannabis was unconstitutional. Now, Florida is getting its first drive-thru dispensary.  Floridians overwhelmingly supported medical marijuana in the 2016 vote. But despite popular opinion, the legislature banned smokeable weed. This meant that medical cannabis patients in Florida only had […]

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Damian Marley Plans to Open Colorado Weed Dispensary

Damian Marley announced today that he will opening a new marijuana dispensary called Stony Hill. In opening his new marijuana dispensary he has established a partnership with Colorado-based dispensary company Tru Cannabis. The new retail space, which opens next Thursday (Sept. 22), will showcase a complete line of marijuana-based retail products, including edibles, extracts and a variety of different strains. […]

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