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Damian Marley will turn California Prison into Marijuana Farm

Billboard confirms Damian Marley’s announcement that he and his partners Ocean Grown Extracts will be turning a former 77,000 square foot California State prison into a grow space for a marijuana farm that will cultivate medical marijuana for state dispensaries. “Many people sacrificed so much for the herb over the years who got locked up,” says Marley, […]

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Damian Marley Plans to Open Colorado Weed Dispensary

Damian Marley announced today that he will opening a new marijuana dispensary called Stony Hill. In opening his new marijuana dispensary he has established a partnership with Colorado-based dispensary company Tru Cannabis. The new retail space, which opens next Thursday (Sept. 22), will showcase a complete line of marijuana-based retail products, including edibles, extracts and a variety of different strains. […]

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