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DabTabs™ Modernize Vape Tech With Shatterizer

When the DabTabs™ brand was released at the end of last year, it was clear that the innovators at ilo Vapor™ were concentrated on not only reinventing vaporizer technology, but enhancing the vaporization experience with modernized, sophisticated, user friendly products. The first DabTabsʼ product to be released to the Oregon cannabis market were DabTabs™ dablets. Dablets […]

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GSC Thin Mints Live Resin by Double Dutch Farms Review

Double Dutch Farms comes from five generations of growers, the Van Wingerden family has cultivated everything from vegetables to ornamental flowers in commercial grows. Since 2015 Double Dutch has been procuring the most modern techniques to offer Washington recreational consumers with the finest sun grown cannabis based products. Double Dutch Farms works with prominent local […]

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Death Star Bubble Hash by Stash Concentrates Review

Stash Concentrates is a lifestyle cannabis company that values providing exemplary cannabis based products to the Oregon cannabis market for medical and recreational consumers. Stash is a collective of visionaries and connoisseurs dedicated to advancing the cannabis experience for all types and styles of consumers. Gaining an illustrious reputation for their fine cannabis concentrates, Stash […]

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The Mountain Snap N Pull by Stash Concentrates Review

Stash Concentrates is a lifestyle cannabis company and one of Oregon’s leading marijuana extraction enterprises. Stash specializes in the production of high quality cannabis based products available for both Oregon medical and recreational consumers. Stash is more than a group of cannabis enthusiasts and aficionados devoted to enhancing the cannabis experience. By staying committed to […]

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DabTabs – Ilo Vapor has Reinvented the Full Spectrum Dabbing Experience

ilo™ Vapor revealed their highly anticipated innovation at MJBizCon, showcasing the launch of DabTabs™. Pioneering the progression of dabbing devices and delivery methods, ilo™ Vapor’s patent-pending DabTabs™ are a reinvention of the full spectrum vaporization and dabbing experience. DabTabs™ are portable, precision dosed tablets containing 0.05g (or 1/20th of a gram) of full spectrum concentrate, distillate, […]

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