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Colorado Targets Three Additives as Search for Vape Illness Cause Continues

In response to the wave of illnesses and death linked to vaping cannabis oil, Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division is taking action. After a hearing Tuesday to decide rules for a ban, the CMED singled out three chemical additives often found in vape oil; Multi-Chain Triglyceride(MCT), Polyethylene Glycol(PG), which is a common laxative, and Vitamin E […]

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Colorado Approves Bill for Cannabis Lounges and Mobile Pot Bars

DENVER – State lawmakers have approved a bill allowing customers to consume marijuana at stores with a “hospitality space.” Since legalization in Colorado, supporters of legalized marijuana have fought to allow on-premise consumption of retail marijuana products. The political atmosphere is different now, as Democrats control the Governor’s Office, House and Senate. In order to […]

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