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Grape Ape by Artizen Review

The tier 3 farm Artizen isn’t just home to the 2016 Dope Cup winner Dutchberry, but has a strain collection that has a number of attention grabbers and high-profile strains available  across a Washington state. Artizen ranks high on the potency scale with modern strains like Gooberry, LA Confidential, and Galactic Glue and vintage strains […]

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Veterans Allowed to Use with New Cannabis Bill

Military veterans in legalized states would be shielded from losing their federal benefits for marijuana use under a bipartisan bill that was filed in Congress in April. The legislation would also allow physicians at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to recommend medical cannabis to their patients with this new cannabis bill. Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) […]

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Washington, Colorado To Ease Marijuana Industry Rules

SEATTLE (AP) — When Washington and Colorado launched their pioneering cannabis industries in the face of U.S. government prohibition, they imposed strict rules in hopes of keeping the U.S. Justice Department at bay. Businesses would need to track plants and products with bar codes. Regulators would have to approve money invested to ensure it was […]

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Smoke Weed Everyday: A SWED.CO Spotlight

Smoke Weed Everyday: A SWED.CO Spotlight It’s a tall task to be considered Gresham’s favorite dispensary but SWED.CO has rightfully made their mark as a hub for all cannabis enthusiasts within the flourishing cannabis community. Located in the heart of Gresham and home of the Farm2Flame craft cannabis cultivated by Ripped City Gardens, SWED.CO encompasses […]

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BeWonderNugz by BeWonderful

BeWonderful Wellness Center is a boutique dispensary located in the Hollywood District of Portland. Designated as an herb lover’s paradise where consumers are guaranteed to score premium packs of gas, BeWonderful has been bringing the fire plus some remarkably flame strains for just under a year. With a dynamite team of professionals and as one […]

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Lucky Lion Spotlight

Luxurious, Sexy, and a Little Gangster: A Lucky Lion Spotlight As the king of the cannabis jungle since 2015, Lucky Lion has been at the top of the food chain with their highly demanded upscale flower and cannabis products. With sought after staples like Lion’s Gold and Golden Pineapple, the Lucky Lion name is imprinted […]

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