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Portland Cannabis Tasting Club

Yo put down that summer yo-yo and come join the real chronisseurs, the folks who puff without guff, the chronoscenti, the all weed knowing, the ganja afficionados, the dudes and dudettes that delight on dank because when the chronic calendar hits August 27 you better head on over for @portlandcamnabistastingclub’s next regular meeting and our […]

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No Pac Foods: Cooking with Cannabis with Kim Schenk

Welcome to Cooking with Cannabis, a class where you get hands on experience making your own infused goodies. Class includes making a tincture, infused almond shortcake bites, and a luxurious, multi-functional topical. For something a little different, we will also be making an organic cannabis juice for supreme health and balance. Kim Schenk (nutritionist and […]

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