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Weedmaps Busted Hosting Illegal Cannabis Sales

Internet cannabis platform Weedmaps announced last month that they will no longer host pages for illegal bud retailers, as if you need another reason to download The Daily Leaf app for iPhone or Android. “Weedmaps always has and will continue to advocate for a flourishing, legal cannabis market, and taking action to address social equity […]

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California Black Market Vape Carts Cause 21 Cases Lung Disease

Doctors in Kings County, in California’s Central Valley, saw a small but higher than normal number f patients with lung disease over recent months. Initially, patients presented with characteristics of pneumonia or bronchitis, like weakness or shortness of breath. But when placed on standard antibiotic treatment, they did not improve. After their health further deteriorated, […]

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Cannabis Chaos: What’s Up with California’s Marijuana Industry?

From the outside, California’s marijuana industry looks like a dream come true for Wall Street traders and Sunset Strip stoners alike. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. California’s marijuana industry is an absolute mess, according to new data from the state. Last week, the office of Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) released state budget documents showing that […]

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Portland’s Best-Selling CBD Topical Brand Expands into California Grocery Stores

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Expanded Distribution Allows Brand to Further the Mission of Offering Consumers High-Quality, Safe, Hemp-Based Topical Products Empower BodyCare, Oregon’s best-selling brand of CBD infused topicals, is proud to announce its line of hemp-based products are available this week throughout 516 of California’s Albertsons, Von’s, and Safeway stores. Customers throughout the state can […]

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California Marijuana Laws, We Point Out The Details

California Marijuana Laws – In California, New Year’s Day 2018 brought more than just a hangover and a handful of half-baked resolutions. It brought sweeping change as the state’s much-anticipated Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act fully comes into effect. Passed by voters in November 2016, Proposition 64 legalized recreational cannabis for people 21 […]

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Will Magic Mushrooms Be The Next Thing To Get Decriminalized in California?

California is only a few months away from their long-awaited January 1st legalization of adult use cannabis, but one person already has their eyes set on decriminalizing something new: psilocybin. Commonly known as magic mushrooms, a mayoral candidate near the Bay Area is collecting signatures to put psilocybin decriminalization on the ballot. Kevin Saunders, a […]

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