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Hush – Country Fair BHO

If you’re in the market for a shatter that is a treat for the five senses, provides a full-body indica effect, and even a little energy boost and some giddiness from its sativa parentage, look no further than Hush and their Country Fair shatter. Country Fair BHO by Hush is very potent at 71% THC, […]

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Weed 101: Marijuana Concentrates

Maybe you have heard about dabs, and someone may have explained how concentrates are made, but perhaps you’re still a little hazy on the specifics? In our series dedicated to introducing the new toker to the beautiful new world of cannabis, today we’ll be taking a look at the different types of marijuana concentrates and how […]

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Hush – Raspberry Kush BHO

On recent visits to Budlandia, we have found ourselves drawn back to Hush Extracts. Whether dabbed or vaped in a pen, Hush seems to always provide a fantastic experience. Hush Raspberry Kush shatter is no exception. An indica-dominant hybrid, Hush Raspberry Kush is a popular strain. This BHO-extracted Raspberry Kush carries the torch of its […]

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Lunchbox Alchemy – Blue Dream BHO

Lunchbox Alchemy popped onto our radar with an impressive Blue Dream BHO shatter, boasting 74% THC, and a hint of CBD(0.8%). This Blue Dream oil is perfect for dabs or an oil pen, and we tried bot several times, just to be sure. When dabbed it hits fairly smoothly and doesn’t cause that awful pinch in […]

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Bodhi High – Strawberry Diesel Shatter Review

Bodhi High presents their Strawberry Diesel Shatter, and dab lovers should rejoice. At 64% THC and almost 6% terpenes, this tasty sativa-dominant extract will not disappoint even the most discerning aficionados. One dab got me pretty ripped, so two would be twice as good, right? Yeah, I’m sure if you dab all the time, that’s no real […]

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LunchBox Alchemy Product Review

Lunchbox Alchemy uses the best quality Oregon grown cannabis to handcraft and create all concentrates and edibles. They utilize independent lab testing that establish and verify the high standards they focus on and strive for: high potency product with no residual solvents, pesticides, fungus or mold. LunchBox Alchemy objective to provide users and patients with […]

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