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Logic and Berner Working on New Cannabis Strain

Berner is back in the lab, and this time the reefer and rap star is cooking up some new genetics with help from a fellow wordsmith Logic. A rapper, clothing designer, hemp-infused beverage CEO, Cookies mastermind, and Golden State cannabis industry heavyweight, Berner spent the last week in New York City doing media rounds to promote his latest […]

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Pistil Point GPen Gio Review

[slideshow_deploy id=’22809′] With their GPen Gio, Pistil Point has crafted a discrete, sleek, efficient vape pen, designed to maximize your cannabis oil’s potency and improve your overall experience. The GPen Gio has some high-profile advocates, such as rappers Wiz Kalifa and Berner. Berner It’s easy to see why these artists would jump on board with the […]

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