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Sugartop Buddery – Stubby Bat Pre-Roll Pack

“A large part of Sugartop Buddery’s philosophy is supporting the arts within the cannabis community to bring people together. The concept of focusing on pre-rolls is “rooted in the old-school mentality of social smoking and how passing around a joint can elevate people as well as ideas”. SugarTop Buddery is a Eugene, Oregon based Cannabis Producer of Top […]

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Bend intends on second rush of marijuana businesses

City officials are saying that the city of Bend is starting to see a second rush of growth, development, and investment in marijuana businesses. The Bend Bulletin accounts that currently Bend is home to 18 medical marijuana dispensaries, four testing labs, five processors and an unknown number of growers. Rachel Ruppel, an assistant city planner, claims that 12 more marijuana […]

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