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Medical Marijuana Protected by Congressional Comittee

In recent months members of Congress have taken steps to prevent Attorney General Jeff Sessions from enacting a medical marijuana crackdown. But their latest move may be their most dramatic so far. The House Appropriations Committee has passed the so-called Joyce Amendment, which restricts Department of Justice funding for prosecuting state-approved medical cannabis programs. The passage marks the first time […]

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Elizabeth Warren Leads Effort to Restore Cole Memo

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is leading a bipartisan group of 54 legislators urging President Donald Trump to Restore Cole Memo. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently rescinded the Cole Memo, Obama-era guidelines that said the Department of Justice would not prosecute federal marijuana crimes in states that had legalized marijuana, as long as certain conditions […]

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Sessions Says DOJ Has Discussed Cannabis Enforcement

While the U.S. Justice Department and Drug Enforcement Administration make major moves to stem the opioid crisis, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has marijuana enforcement on his mind. During a press conference Wednesday announcing new grants and DEA deployments designed to address opioid trafficking, Sessions revealed that his DOJ discussed federal Cannabis enforcement policies the day […]

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Surgeon General Wants to Study Marijuana

INDIANAPOLIS — U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said medical marijuana should be studied and treated like other pain relief drugs but said he could not favor legalizing its recreational use. “Under medical marijuana, I believe it should be like any other drug,” Adams said Friday in Indianapolis. “We need to let the FDA vet it, […]

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Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates Calls Out AG Sessions On Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates Calls Out AG Sessions On Mandatory Minimum Sentencing “Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rolled back the clock to the 1980s, reinstating the harsh, indiscriminate use of mandatory minimum drug sentences imposed at the height of the crack epidemic.” Writing an opinion piece for the Washington Post, Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who […]

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New Bill Could Give AG Sessions Unilateral Authority To Write Federal Drug Policy

SITSA Federal Drug Policy – Primarily in response to a proliferation of synthetic analogs for fentanyl, policymakers have submitted a new federal bill that would re-think scheduling and allow new synthetic substances to be scheduled faster, without the long process currently required to schedule illicit substances. While this is definitely an issue–it is common for illicit […]

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