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Alaska Marijuana Ban Gets Rejected By Voters

Alaska’s Marijuana Ban – Three years after Alaska legalized recreational cannabis, some localities in the state’s major marijuana growing areas considered Alaska’s Marijuana Ban. Thankfully for the businesses (and customers) in those areas, voters voted against those band by large margins. When Alaska legalized adult use of recreational cannabis in 2014, they allowed for localities to […]

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Washington And Alaska’s Governors Push Back After Jeff Sessions Marijuana Letters

Like other Governors of states that have legalized recreational marijuana and received a letter recently from Attorney General Jeff Sessions with concerns about their states’ programs, Washington State and Alaska are questioning the data cited by Sessions in those letters. It’s not only Washington and Alaska, either: Oregon also called out Sessions, saying the data […]

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First Legal Cannabis Store In Alaska

On Saturday, October 30th, Herbal Outfitters, in Valdez, became Alaska’s first legal cannabis store to open to the public for retail sales. According to the Associated Press, over 250 people lined up outside the store for it’s inaugural day of business, with some coming from Fairbanks and Anchorage, over 350 miles away. Do to a […]

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