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ORourke and Yang Bond Over Replacing Opioids with Cannabis

Democratic candidates for President Beto O’Rourke spoke out in favor of decriminalizing opioids in order to combat the country’s drug epidemic on Tuesday, marking the first time the issue of removing criminal penalties for possession of illicit substances beyond marijuana has been seriously discussed on a presidential debate stage. During the 2020 primary debate in […]

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Bernie Sanders Vows to Legalize Cannabis

US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders promised to legalize cannabis by exectuive order if he is elected to the White House in 2020. The 77-year-old Democrat is going head-to-head with Donald Trump next year, and he has promised to put weed at the top of the political agenda. Sanders plans to give the green light to […]

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Kamala Harris is a Pro-Legalization Presidential Candidate

As the 2020 election creeps upon us, Democrats are lining up to take on the Trump Regime. In January, California Senator Kamala Harris announced her bid for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. Senator Kamala Harris says she is running to fight for the American people, especially those who have been overlooked or ignored by federal lawmakers who […]

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