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While September might be known in Oregon for the month that we finally see some rain (who thought one would actually ask for rain in Oregon?!?) we want you to remember it for something else: the official launch of Sweet Cannabis, and their new product line that will be hitting dispensary shelves this month!

Sweet Cannabis will be launching their Toko Gold CO2 Cartridges, Grace Note Edibles, Quarry Pre-Rolls, and Nu Tincture & Capsule Line. Over the last few months, your fellow Daily Leaf corresponders have been invited over to Sweet Cannabis’ facility to watch as they evolved past OLCC inspections, and pushed through to this month to see their products finally launch for recreational purchase.

Planning a product launch is not easy in the cannabis industry.  While it might seem on paper as something as simple as taking a product from location A and selling to a retailer for sale, there is a lot more that needs to be done behind the scenes.  From getting your labels and facility approved, to getting product tested and tracked appropriately from seed-to-sale, there is a lot that could complicate the process…and it usually does!

Luckily for Sweet Cannabis there wasn’t much delay, just a little anticipation. We love when new brands roll out because it shows the evolution of the cannabis industry as a whole.  In an industry that is still in its’ infancy, every new brand has a chance to draw on what they feel has appealed to the market so far, and try to make that product just a little bit better than the competition. It’s extremely exciting for consumers to see new products hit the shelves, and for us as marketers it just gets us hyped!

We had the chance to scope out Sweet Cannabis’ entire product line and we’ve got to say we are impressed.  Stylized, their product line looks like it could sit on any conventional stores shelves. In the country-wide destigmatization process, this is extremely important.  As cannabis matures as a market, product design and overall appeal need to be elevated to lose the thought that marijuana is just for “stoners.”

The time and consideration put into their oil creation is top notch, and rightfully so with the right people behind the scenes making magic day in and day out.  We have been puffing down all weekend on their terpene-rich distillate, and can’t get enough.

Next up to sample will be their Grace Note edibles.  While we did get to try non-medicated samples, we have yet to bite down on the full medicated experience.

Keep it locked on The Daily Leaf as Sweet Cannabis launches their full product line.  We will be for sure letting you know where to find their products around town!