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The Oregon Cannabis Association released a petition encouraging the Board of County Commissioners to apply reasonable cannabis business regulations now.

On May 4, Deschutes County Commissioners will make a final decision to permit cannabis business licensing to move forward – or force voters into a costly and divisive ballot measure fight through an “opt out” referral.
You can help. If you live in Deschutes County, please sign the petition encourging the Board of County Commissioners to implement responsible cannabis business regulations now.
If you do not live in Deschutes County, you can still help. Please reach out to your friends, family and business associates in Deschutes County. Forward this blog post and urge them to get involved to make their voices heard.
  • Deschutes County cannabis businesses have worked hard for months on end to help the County develop realistic time, place and manner regulations for cannabis businesses.
  • The Deschutes County Marijuana Advisory Committee has reached consensus on numerous issues, in particular on light, sound and odor regulations for cannabis farming.
  • The committee has now successfully addressed the primary concerns of neighbors with proposed regulations that safeguard the quality of life enjoyed by all in beautiful Central Oregon.
  • It is now time for the County to end the harmful delay on licensing for cannabis businesses. Deschutes County voters approved Measure 91 because they know that responsibly regulated cannabis businesses are the key to public safety, jobs and economic opportunity.

Deschutes County to make final decisions on marijuana regulation in May

What our opposition is saying:
“There is an unmistakable criminal element that is and will be drawn to any operation of this type.” – Letter to Deschutes County Commissioners
The marijuana industry and the lifestyle it promotes are not the sort of jobs, lifestyle, and morality we should enable or promote.” – E-mail to Deschutes County Commissioners
“It is obvious outsiders will have no interest in protecting what we long-time residents came here to appreciate and preserve.” –Local anti-cannabis activist
“If you just keep the argument to ‘it doesn’t fit in here’ and not take on the whole argument for or against, you can win.”(Anonymous post by a Preserve Rural Deschutes leader on the group’s website)
Please act now! Don’t let fear and misinformation steal jobs and opportunity from Deschutes County!

Thank you for your supporting your local cannabis business community!

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