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As the conductor of the self proclaimed flavor train, Wicked Kind may as well be dubbed the Willy Wonka of the weed world because of all the brain busting and tastebud tantalizing cultivars that they bring to the table. Brace yourself to be railroaded by the myriad of fragrances, flavor tones, and influential impressions of each of their exclusive strains. From Granola Funk to Sneeze, Ray Charles, and Cement Shoes; it’s hard not to get stuck on the funk that’s bred by this grand team of growers. Recently stemming from the Wicked Kind library of genetics and collection of cultivated strains is the surefire Sunset MAC.

Oh snap, the Sunset MAC! Bred by Capulator, the MAC Master himself, Miracle Alien Cookies crosses the rare genetics of Alien Cookies with the hefty hybrid combo of Columbian x Starfighter; add in some Sunset Sherbet to top it off and a frosty budded flower emerges. Granted this top shelf strain tests at a modest 19% THC, do your best to keep your assumptions on the back burner while this emerald tinted purple painted stunner will bewilder any beliefs that percentage is prime. Having acquired 2nd place at the King Canna Cup for Best Indica Flower during a blind judging, Sunset MAC is a highly sought after cultivar that continues to outshine the expectations of established smokers. Whether it’s a daybreak wake and bake, a wind down smoke during the twilight hours, or “high noon”; this wicked one is the kind of cannabis that will melt away all the bad vibes and provide an equally satisfying high that’ll shoot you straight to the moon and land you among the stardust.

This heavy handed strain boasts with its blast of pungent berry flavors, an earthy essence, and a reputable terpene profile that’s virtually parallel to the prominence of the full formed affects that takeover. Take the tastiness of terpenes and the hazy eyed high offered to you by this strikingly envied strain and enjoy a bonfire or a bbq on the beachside with the sundowners. There’s plenty to go around as a puff or two will temper any agitation and send every bit of negativity experienced to the sidelines. This one is a must share because the scent alone will enamor the nostrils of the nose blind and spark a flurry of fun-loving conversations. While Sunset MAC stays in the indica category, the full on affects bring about unexpected influxes of cerebral sensations and creativity. Whether you pop in an evening movie or put on an afternoon picnic for you and that special someone, this strain can be incorporated into any activity or pasttime. A little rip of Wicked Kind’s Sunset MAC and you’ll put it on your favorites list.

Photos Courtesy of Wicked Kind, MrNWGrows, and @capulator