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I consider myself a weed snob. I prefer indoor over outdoor because I feel it’s smoother and smells better. I really only smoke Indica’s or Hybrids in flower form. When I talk about hybrids, I am really talking about the craft style of marijuana. A hybrid is two hand picked strains of the cultivators choosing for very specific reasons. I have a few favorites and I am going to list them in a couple of threads because they are hard to come by. As of Today, I am also adding a Top Shelf section to our site with just the best of the best, no deals on these items. Limited quantities, limited batches.

My first strain that I will talk about is called Gelato. Gelato or Larry Bird as some call it, has a very pungent smell to it. I would call it a sour smell, although some say it smells like Gelato Ice Cream. Gelato is a cross between The Sunset Sherbert Strain and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This strain was born out of San Francisco by a grow team called the Cookie Fam. The Cookie Fam is a group of growers that were associated with The Hemp Center, a SF based dispensary.

The strain was brought to prominence through a rapper out of San Francisco named Berner. Berner is probably one of the biggest marijuana activist and promoters that the music industry has ever seen.

This deal came across our desk at the Daily Leaf for a 1/8th of Gelato for $40 from Green Buds (see deal). I immediately knew this strain was going to be very close to the genetics found in the Bay Area through the photo that Green Buds posted. I then posted the deal for our followers letting our followers know that we had a great deal on our hands. As soon as work was done, we set off to find this elusive strain.

One we got to Green Buds, a gentleman at the front desk checked our Id’s and laughed at our bad jokes and we made our way to the back to check out the fire we drove for. When we got to the back, he pulled out the glass jar and we had very little left. Good weed travels fast and others were keen to our discovery. We bought almost all that was left. I knew right away that this was the elusive Gelato and I had to have it. I had always heard great things, but never got a chance to actually try it.

When I got home, I started grinding up a couple REALLY dense bugs, the Gelato smell hit me.

I loaded up my bowl and took a few hits. I knew right away that this weed was strong, really strong. I took 4-5 hits and watched Super Bowl week on the NFL network.

I got lost in thought, I had to write this review, but I couldn’t. How would I explain that this bud will make you lose your way for the rest of the night? How would I write a rave review for weed that people might never get to see?

Here is my plan! I already have a call into the grower, and I want to get as much of this to the masses as possible. I will try my hardest to get more Gelato in the hands of the top shelf smokers! Stay tuned….

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