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Many of us cannabis lovers get our green on all year round – not just on St. Patrick’s Day. Even though it’s technically not a legal holiday in the U.S, everyone still joins in on the celebration of everything green from dressing up as a leprechaun to drink green beer.  

Beer drinkers shouldn’t be the only ones having fun on St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you decide to go all out and make your way to Kells Irish Pub in Downtown Portland or play it safe at home, here are strains with just enough green in them to help you celebrate.

Green Crack

It’s a sativa, so this will give you a major boost! A good choice, especially if you decide to go out with friends. With a zesty, fruity flavor it can tend to resemble mango. You’ll have a brain buzz and a definite case of the giggle if you roll up this spirit lifter.

Golden Goat

If you can get your hands on this rare gem, I promise it will be better than any pot of gold. What’s so golden about it?  This bold and potent hybrid brings on a tingly sensation from head to toe and rushes of creativity. It may get your heart racing a little bit but it’s a great strain that will leave you in a happy daze for hours.

Sour Apple

Your tastebuds will be in for a thrill with this tart but tasty treat. Sour Apple might be best suited for a night in because it will definitely cause a couch lock. While you can maintain focus because of the Sour Diesel side of the strain, the Cinderella 99 will have you debating on breaking out a bowl of popcorn and watching The Luck of The Irish.

Green Haze

You’ll feel extra talkative, super chill, and ready for a round of munchies after enjoying this sativa. This one is a heavy hitter and has a woodsy, fruity smell. Potent and borderline psychedelic, this is a good way to start off a day packed with activities.

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