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At the end of every year, millions of people make new year resolutions. Some of us may already have some set goals for 2016, while others may plan on keeping some of their weed habits close to their heart. Not all of these are going to fit your style of smoking or living; however, there’s definitely a few on the list that we can all relate to.

1. Quit Pocketing Lighters

Everyone is guilty of this one, whether it’s on purpose or not. Are you the friend leaving the house with 1 lighter, and returning with 4? Will you knock it off already? It’s okay, we know you probably don’t mean to steal lighters, but do your best to take a conscious effort to stop taking your friends lighters.

2. Take a Tolerance Break

Do you smoke a lot or are you a daily smoker? Most of us are, but it’s always nice to take a break every once and a while, even from weed. It can be good taking a few random days off to boost your tolerance and clear your head for a bit.

3. Get Involved or Give Back to the Cause

Anyone can be pro marijuana, it’s time to get more involved. There are lots of organizations that are fighting for marijuana, legalization, and educating the public on the benefits marijuana can supply on a medicinal level. Do a little research and find some organizations in your area and volunteer some of your time. Money can also help if you’re able to give a donation.

4. Eat Healthier Munchies

All of us have a sweet tooth from time to time, but that doesn’t mean we should get stoned and eat two bags of Doritos. This year can be slightly different, try keeping fresh fruit (apple, banana, orange, even grapes) or another healthy snack like trail mix on hand for smoke sessions. Oh and don’t forget to bring a little extra for your buddies, we know they’ll have the munchies too.

5. Find and Try Healthier Ways to Consume Weed

Sometimes giving your lungs a break can be a big plus, and we don’t mean another tolerance break. Switch it up and explore vaping or edibles for a little bit.

6. Be More Active, Stop Being a Lazy Smoker

There is nothing wrong with getting stoned and getting your couch lock on. Just make sure that you aren’t always doing that. Get high and create something. Make art. Learn a skill. Write a novel. Build a chair. It doesn’t really matter what you do. Just find something you enjoy, and use weed a catalyst for self expression.

7. Pay Attention to (some) Politics

Yes, politics can get pretty annoying and even confusing sometimes. This doesn’t mean that we can ignore them all together, stay informed and up to date. A lot has happened in the industry this year and marijuana legislation is coming up so it’s extremely important that everyone keeps an eye on what’s going on in your nation/state/city. Make a resolution to stay informed and vote whenever possible.

8. Get a Green Thumb and Start Growing

If you have never grown your own weed, get that out of your mind right now. This is the year for you to experiment growing your first plant and enjoy being able to cultivate something for yourself.

9. Share a little

Coming up here quick taxes will be going up in the marijuana industry here in Oregon. Let’s face the facts, marijuana can get expensive. For some people the cost of can heavily encourage them to keep their stash all for themselves, but this year make an extra effort to share and spread the love. Maybe your weed won’t last as long, but your generosity and willingness to share will not go unnoticed. You don’t have to share everything you have, but every now and again do your best to go out of your way to find a friend in need.

10. Exercise High

Studies have shown that toking up while getting toned go hand in hand, so go for it! Can’t think of a  better way to enjoy the gym than with a little preworkout joint. Put down those Doritos and throw around some iron instead!


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