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Stash Concentrates is a lifestyle cannabis company and one of Oregon’s leading marijuana extraction enterprises. Stash specializes in the production of high quality cannabis based products available for both Oregon medical and recreational consumers. Stash is more than a group of cannabis enthusiasts and aficionados devoted to enhancing the cannabis experience. By staying committed to sourcing the best quality cannabis to deliver products to the Oregon cannabis market, Stash continues to expand their line of superlative concentrates including the Mountain Snap N Pull.

Stash Concentrates Mountain Pull N Snap has a glossy almost shatter-like consistency that may seem like a crazy combination of wax and shatter. The Mountain Snap N Pull from Stash has the ability to stretch and expand when being pulled before breaking off the perfect piece to dab, typically users will hear the signature “snapping” sound. Stash Mountain Pull N Snap has more of a stretchy body and is easier to work with in comparison to shatter.

The Mountain Snap N Pull from Stash is a hybrid with unconfirmed genetics. The vapor from The Mountain Snap N Pull is just as fresh and clean of an aroma as the first whiff when opening up the container. Reminiscent of the first rain of the season or smelling the fir trees in the breeze of a early morning walk through the forest, The Mountain Snap N Pull has light notes of crushed pine and hints of rosemary. With undertones of kush, diesel, and faint traces of lavender, The Mountain Snap N Pull scent will linger after dabbing.

Most users will experience a instant sense of comfort that tranquilizes both the body and the mind with a mild uplifting sensation. At first dabbers may feel a buzzing tingling feeling in the forehead and cheeks. After a few dabs, users will be blanketed in a warm comforter of euphoria, and any current stresses or worries dissipate into the distance. The Mountain Snap N Pull from Stash is great for users that love to pair intense effect with  mood music or a thought-provoking movie.